Newsletters, Forms & Policies

Aboriginal Learning Wellbeing And Safety Action Plan

Administration Of Medication Policy

Anaphylaxis Policy

Annual Consent Form For Photographing, Filming And Recording Students 2023

Assessment And Reporting Policy

Asthma Policy

Attendance Policy

Before And Afterschool Care Parent Notification

Bicycle Education Policy

Buddy Policy

Bullying Prevention Policy

Bushfire Policy

Camps And Excursions Policy

Cash Handling Policy

Child Safety And Wellbeing Policy

Child Safety Responding And Reporting Obligations Policy And Procedures

Child Safety – Tecoma PS Child Safety Code Of Conduct

Child Safety – Tecoma Primary School Child Safety Induction Pack For Volunteers

Child Safety – The Four Critical Actions for Schools – Responding to Incidents, Disclosures and Suspicions of Child Abuse

Communication Policy

Communication With School Staff Policy

Community Consultation Policy

Community Use Of School Facilities Policy

Complaints Policy

Continuous Improvement Policy

Curriculum Framework Policy

Cybersafety Policy

Digital Learning (Internet, Social Media And Digital Devices)

DET Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy 2018

Duty Of Care Policy

Electronic Funds Management Policy

External Provider Policy

Fire Prevention And Maintenance Policy

First Aid Policy

Fundraising Policy

Formation Of Classes Policy

Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy

Health Care Needs Policy

Homework Policy

Inclusion And Diversity Policy

Junior School Council Policy

Mobile Phone, Tablets And All Other Personal Electronic Devices Policy

Mobile Phones Student Use Policy

Offensive Materials Or Themes Policy

Parent Payments Arrangements

Parent Payment Policy

Personal Property Policy

Photographing, Filming And Recording Students Policy

Privacy Policy (DET)

Procedures To Maintain Registers Policy

Procurement Policy For Victorian Government Schools V1 March 2017

Professional Learning

Respect For School Staff Policy

School Purchasing Card Policy

School Uniform And Student Dress Code Policy

Schools Privacy Policy

Statement Of Values And School Philosophy Policy

Student Wellbeing And Engagement Policy

Sunsmart Policy

Swimming Policy

Transition Policy

Visitors Policy

Volunteers Policy

Working With Children Clearance Register Procedure

Yard Duty And Supervision Policy