Student Leadership

As part of our Year 6 Leadership Program each Year 6 student will hold one of the following leadership positions:

School Captains
Sports Captains
Junior Sports Captains
Art Captains
Performing Arts Captains
Computer Captains
Wellbeing Captains
Environment Captains
Music Captains
House Captains
Junior School Council
Student Action Team

Every Thursday afternoon the Year 6 students will have the opportunity to plan and run mini lessons for the Year 1/2 students. The lessons taught are Sport, Wellbeing, Art, Performing Art, Computers and Environment.

Members of the Junior School Council visit classrooms to present ideas and receive feedback and suggestions from all students. These ideas may then be presented to School Council for consideration. Senior students are encouraged to develop responsibility and confidence by participating in a public speaking program. They also have opportunity to take part in a formal leadership development program.

Grade 5 & Preps Buddies Program

The Buddies program at Tecoma Primary pairs a Grade 5 student with a Prep student. Every Thursday afternoon, during the school’s leadership time the buddies get together for activities. These are sometimes focussed on our school values and our BounceBack program. Other times they are related to our integrated topics which sees them exploring a range of areas from transport to space exploration. The Grade 5 buddies love helping their Prep buddies to feel safe at school and really enjoy sharing their enthusiasm for learning, as well as having lunch together a couple of times a week during first term. These friendships carry over when the Preps progress to Grade 1 and the Grade 5’s to Grade 6. Past students have also commented about being welcomed by their buddies on their first day of high school, they really are special friendships.

Junior School Council

We have a wonderful, enthusiastic group of students to the Junior School Council. Our students are full of amazing ideas, always keen to begin fundraising for worthwhile causes.

Student Action Team

The Student Action Team is made up of Grade 6 leaders and a member from each classroom. They come together to ensure all students have a say about what happens in their school. This promotes engagement and a strong sense of community.