We are a nationally recognised KidsMatter School!

Every face has a place at Tecoma Primary School. The KidsMatter framework is an umbrella over the many terrific programs already in place to make each student feel they belong at Tecoma Primary School such as leadership, buddies, prep transition, lunchtime clubs, sports and music. It aims to strengthen the mental health and wellbeing of children, reduce mental health problems amongst children, and achieve greater support for children experiencing mental health difficulties, and their families.

We have completed the 4 components that the KidsMatter framework is comprised of:

  • A Positive School Community
  • Social and Emotional Learning for Students
  • Parenting Support and Education
  • Helping Children with Mental Health Difficulties

KidsMatter Primary framework

KidsMatter Primary aims

  • improve the mental health and wellbeing of primary school students
  • reduce mental health problems amongst students
  • achieve greater support for students experiencing mental health problems.

To achieve these aims, KidsMatter Primary promotes collaborative involvement across the health and education sectors. It provides a framework for mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention (PPEI) that is specifically oriented to primary schools, rather than presenting schools with a single defined program. Through the KidsMatter Primary framework, schools are provided with the resources to implement a comprehensive approach to addressing students’ mental health, which is tailored to their local needs. In this way KidsMatter Primary builds on the work schools are already doing to address the mental health of their students through national, state, territory and sector-based mental health initiatives and policies

At Tecoma, our students are involved in KidsMatter activities each week through our social and emotional learning classroom program, Bounce Back.

Each year we hold an annual KidsMatter Day, incorporating positive activities based around teamwork, mindfulness, cooperation, resilience, looking after our mental and physical health.

Our big whole school projects have included our LipDub, Cup Song and our school book “Today is a Positive Day”.