Music plays an important part of school life at Tecoma, each child from Prep to Grade 6 participates in a 45 minute Music lesson each week. During these lessons children are given the opportunity to play percussion instruments, learn how to read and write music and appreciate different styles of music.
An extension of these lessons is our school choir and orchestra.

The choir is open to students from Grades 3 – 6. We rehearse once a week and perform at many different concerts, retirement places and school functions. We sing a diverse range of songs and styles and often add movement to them.

In addition to our classroom program, Tecoma offers an instrumental program. There is a diverse range of instruments offered, piano, guitar, voice, drums, saxophone, clarinet, flute and violin. Most of these lessons are conducted during class time on a rotating timetable so the children do not miss the same subject in their classroom. Every six months we hold a music evening to give these students an opportunity to perform in front of an audience.

Every two years the school presents a school production. Every child is involved from Prep to Grade 6. Children in Grades 5 and 6 audition for speaking and solo singing parts, and the rest of the school sings and dances.

Music is such an important part of a child’s education. We are very fortunate at Tecoma that we can offer such a diverse program to our students.


Term 3 

For the majority of this term in Music, the focus will be our whole school production.

Every class will practise their class song and create the choreography ready for the production.

This year we have decided to film the production due to the issues we are having with the covid situation, therefore there will not be a performance for the parents and families to watch. Whilst this is disappointing it will still give the children the opportunity to perform and for the parents to see it as a film/dvd.

After production the focus in the Music room will be rhythm and pitch activities for the rest of the term.

Prep: focussing on the difference between rhythm and beat, learning to read simple rhythm patterns and high and low pitch.

Grade 1 and 2: extending their knowledge of simple rhythm and being able to read and play on untuned percussion instruments.

Grade 3 and 4: extending their knowledge of rhythms, creating compositions using these rhythms and playing them for their peers.

Grade 5 and 6: extending their knowledge of keyboard and ukulele through further reading and playing of chord patterns.

I am looking forward to a busy but fun term with the children.

Sally Connell
Music Coordinator.