All students from Prep to Grade 6 participate in weekly one-hour specialist Art sessions.

Our Art program encourages imagination and experimentation. It focuses on teaching students the elements and conventions of art and promotes new skills and techniques using a variety of media. Students work both individually and collaboratively to produce a range of works.

Art portfolios are usually sent home at the end of semester 1 and 2 and these showcase all of the student’s artworks completed during this period. 


In Term 3, Preps will make a number of different artworks to complement the theme Fairy Tales. Our activities will include printing and constructing castles. Students will explore texture and learn joining techniques when using air-drying clay. They will also be using paper skills when creating a collage of some Fairy Tale characters.


‘Under the Sea’ is such an exciting topic and we will be making many artworks to complement this theme. Our paper skills will be featured in an under the sea collage and students will use their modelling skills to add sea creatures. Students will be painting, drawing and making a variety of sea animals. It’s ‘shore’ to be a ‘shell’-ebration of all things to do with the sea!


We have many hands-on activities planned for Term 3. Students will be covering modelling using both Magiclay and air-drying clay, construction to make exotic animals and printing to layer (and add depth to) interesting backgrounds. Later in the term, students will extend their threads and textiles skills, making complex ‘God’s Eyes’. This term will be a celebration of exotic animals, different cultures and even some fantastical places.


This term Grade 5 and 6 students will continue to complete their papier-mache Greek vases. They will be focussing on decorations and finishing touches. Later in the term, we will explore Surrealism and use our drawing and painting skills to complete surreal collages. Finally, students will extend their modelling skills when making clay creations.






Threads and Textiles