All students from Prep to Grade 6 participate in weekly one-hour specialist Art sessions.

Our Art program encourages imagination and experimentation. It focuses on teaching students the elements and conventions of art and promotes new skills and techniques using a variety of media. Students work both individually and collaboratively to produce a range of works.

Art portfolios are usually sent home at the end of semester 1 and 2 and these showcase all of the student’s artworks completed during this period. Due to lockdowns and some works already being sent home (Mother’s Day gifts) the senior school students (years 3-6) will only be bringing home their three-dimensional works. The grade 3s and 4s will bring home their papier mache animal, and  the grade 5s and 6s will bring home their clay ‘bobble head’ animal.

Prep, Grade 1 and Grade 2 students will bring home their portfolio of works for semester 1. Please remember to return the portfolio folder to school so it can be used to bring home the artworks made during semester 2.

Next term we have a lot planned, including finishing off some activities that were planned for term 2. Here’s a rundown of what grades will be doing:


In term 3 Preps will be focussing on printing. They will explore a number of different ways to do this, including texture rubbings, using different printing tools for stamping. They will make a range of different artworks to fit in with their ‘Fairy Tale’ unit including making an enchanted forest and fairytale castles. Later in the term Preps will use air-drying clay to explore different textures they can add, as well as learning correct joining techniques.


The topic that year 1 and 2 students are focussing on this term is “On with the Show” so we have planned many activities including making puppets (sock puppets for grade 1 and glove puppets for grade 2), making paper tribal masks and then having fun with paints to create some circus animal pictures.


We will begin this term with completing our shield designs and then we will start a unit on stencilling and overlapping stencils to create different effects. To complement the unit on ‘habitats’ students will be modelling a coil pot nest out of air-drying clay and then we’ll move into threads and textiles where students will sew a bird from felt to go with their nest.


Inventions are what grade 5 and 6 students will be exploring this term so we are continuing with our steampunk constructions (grade 6) and our textured animals in Bordalo II style (grade 5). We will further explore colour wheels and how to mix up a perfect shade.  Towards the end of term, students will create plasticine pictures (this will also involve mixing colours) and ways to show texture in our work.






Threads and Textiles