All students from Prep to Grade 6 participate in weekly one-hour specialist Art sessions.

Our Art program encourages imagination and experimentation. It focuses on teaching students the elements and conventions of art and promotes new skills and techniques using a variety of media. Students work both individually and collaboratively to produce a range of works.


Term 2 will begin with all students making presents for Mothers’ Day. This is a new initiative this year and grade levels will be making different types of gifts. 

Preps will continue to explore different art materials through their unit on animals. In particular this term we will focus on threads and textiles with paper weaving, making pom poms and exploring threads to make webs. Later in the term, we will be modelling with air drying clay and making collagraph prints

Grade 1 and 2 Art sessions will fit in with their unit ‘Are you Game?’ and they will be using threads and textiles skills to create animals using a spiral game. They will use primary colours and discuss mirror images when making playing cards and explore different ways to use paint.

Grade 3 and 4 students will be exploring Aboriginal Art to compliment their topic ‘Australia’s First People’’. This unit will expose the students to many different types of Aboriginal Art including works from all over Australia, using different media including weaving, sculpture and painting. We will begin by looking at the work made by Wurundjeri artist Mandy Nicholson. The Wurundjeri people were carvers and this showed in their Art. Students will design and carve their own design into printing foam and print their own shield design. Moving further afield, we will make stencils and discuss the use of positive and negative space. Students will finish this unit discussing cave paintings not only from Australia but also in other parts of the world and stencilling their own designs onto paper.

Grade 5 and 6 students will be looking at how they can express themselves through their artwork and will create a tissue paper collage reflecting their mood/emotions and experiences. Later in the term we will move onto construction and create Steampunk animals or robots. Through our exploration of Steampunk, we will focus heavily on textures and decorative features. This activity also allows students to experience using different paints and finishing materials.






Threads and Textiles