All students from Prep to Grade 6 participate in weekly one-hour specialist Art sessions.

Our Art program encourages imagination and experimentation. It focuses on teaching students the elements and conventions of art and promotes new skills and techniques using a variety of media. Students work both individually and collaboratively to produce a range of works.

Art portfolios are usually sent home at the end of semester 1 and 2 and these showcase all of the students’ artworks completed during this period. 

Click here to find out more about what each year level will be studying in Art this term.

Term 1 in the Art room

Displays of artworks have gone up around the school for all year levels. Here’s a peak at some of the displays but please come in and see the student work for yourself. Portraits have been a major focus this term with each grade level completing different styles of self-portraits.

The Preps drew themselves and painted colours around them. Their works have been displayed in the Prep bag locker foyer.














Grade 1’s and 2’s have made monochromatic portraits, selecting one-colour and different materials to complete their work. These have been displayed in the entrance to the BER and in the office display case.



















Grade 3’s and 4’s made a half face portrait focussing on proportions and they used watercolour pencils to blend colours. These half face portraits have been photographed, mirrored and turned into full face portraits. These have been displayed in the corridor outside 3/4B and 3/4D (Mrs Gardener’s and Miss Robins’ classrooms).
























The Grade 5 and 6 students have explored the characters created by Tim Burton and have drawn themselves in his style. Their focus was using shading to add depth to these works. The works that have been completed so far have been displayed in the corridor outside 5/6E and 5/6B (Mr Wright and Mrs Faul’s classes).