Masae-sensei (Ms. Masae) is the Japanese teacher at Tecoma Primary School. Students from Foundation to Grade 6 participate in a 45-minute session each week. Our Japanese program encourages students to learn the language through a wide range of activities such as songs, games, speaking sessions, reading quizzes, cooking, cultural demonstrations, writing hiragana, origami, artistic expression, listening games and collaborative activities.

Term 3 2022

Foundation: ‘Weather Report’

Under this unit, Foundation students are going to learn seasons, days of the week, weather, and adjectives to describe temperature. The students will continue to develop their reading skills to Kanji characters with the help of trigger stories and visual cues.   

Year 1 & 2: ‘MOTTAINAI BAASAN’ (‘Mottainai’ grandma)

In term 3, Year 1 and 2 students are going to focus on their reading and writing skills through the unit ‘Mottainai baasan’(‘Mottainai’ grandma), focussing on sustainability. It involves learning the words and expressions through singing, dancing and practising wrapping things with ‘furoshiki’ cloths.

Year 3 & 4: Hiragana Black Belt Challenge (Continued)

Year 3 and 4 students will continue to develop their Hiragana reading skills through a lot of fun activities. They are going to consolidate the Hiragana letters they have learnt by making their own Hiragana book. They will also have the opportunities to take the belt challenge tests aiming to earn their Hiragana black belt.

Year 5 & 6: ‘Japanese Primary Schools’ and ‘MOTTAINAI BAASAN’ (‘Mottainai’ grandma)

In term 3, Year 5 and 6 students will continue to learn about the Japanese language and culture through the authentic interaction with the students from Umeda primary school in Japan. In addition, they are going to develop their cultural understanding and literacy skills through the unit ‘Mottainai baasan’(‘Mottainai’ grandma) focussing on sustainability.