Class Levels

Prep 2021

What an awesome Term of learning we have ahead for the Prep students! We are all looking forward to our first excursion to Chesterfield Farm, which will build upon our Integrated unit for the term which is “All creatures great and small”. This will take place on Wednesday May 26th. The students will also be looking at Dinosaurs in our Science unit.

We look forward to our first cross country run, which will take place on Wednesday May 5th.

Our Literacy focuses this term will centre around understanding the concepts that are incorporated into writing and reading. We will explore the organisation of texts, and the importance of reading books in the right order (beginning, middle and end), as well as transferring this to our emerging recount and narrative writing skills. There will continue to be a heavy focus on phonics and understanding how to blend sounds to create and read words and sentences. We will be discussing conventions of writing such as finger spacing, capital letters, and basic punctuation. Term Two is an exciting Literacy Term for the Preps, as they begin to build their confidence in reading and writing, leading to them feeling empowered and confident to keep moving. 

Our Numeracy focus will continue to explore the different ways that we see and use Mathematical concepts in real life. We will begin looking at statistics and data collection, as well as ordinal numbers. We will introduce addition and subtraction, and provide students with hands-on, meaningful strategies to use to add and subtract small quantities. We will extend our focus on the concept of time, looking at days, weeks, months, along with words such as yesterday, today and tomorrow. In the final weeks of term, we will introduce money, which is always a crowd pleaser!

Within our social capabilities, we will be implementing class meetings weekly, where students will be encouraged to have their ideas and voices heard through the sharing of thoughts and ideas that will help our class and school run well.

Our term concludes with Parent-Teacher conferences in the last week of school, it will be lovely to catch up and review our action filled term. 

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Resources to help with Literacy and Mathematics skills at home….

Go Fish Card Game (Writer’s Word List Words)

‘I Have, Who Has’ (letter ID game)

Upper and lower case letter recognition match up


Ice cream number match up

























































































































































Grade 1/2 2021

Welcome back for Term 2!

We have a busy term coming up with our Inquiry focus ‘Are you Game?’ with discussions in the classroom regarding the range of individual and team games. This topic will focus on the history of games and how the past has influenced the games that we play and see today. Furthermore, this topic will also explore good sportsmanship and participating cooperatively with others. At home, have conversations with your child regarding the different games that have been played in your household and the games you used to play when you were younger. We will also be heading to the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground), an excursion that is linked to our Inquiry unit.  This is a very exciting trip for the students!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with their teacher.

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Grade 3/4 2021

Welcome back for Term 2 in 3/4! We have a lot of learning and fun planned for this term! Students will be focusing on the culture of Indigenous Australians. They will explore traditional customs and celebrations, as well as Indigenous peoples’ connection to country. They will investigate traditional food, shelter and clothing and explore the meaning and significance of the Stories of The Dreaming. Students will engage with a range of resources such as books, videos and artefacts. We also hope to connect with Indigenous representatives from our community to build connections and understanding.

Grade 3 students will complete their first NAPLAN tests this year, beginning on May 11th. We will also hold a Grade 3 sleepover on Friday 14th May, as this was an important milestone event that was missed in 2020 and an integral part of preparing the students for the Grade 3/4 Camp in term 3. 

In Literacy this term, we will be looking at the trait of ‘Organisation’ as part of the ‘6+1 Traits of Writing’. We will continue to teach Numeracy lessons in a mixture of differentiated groups across the 3/4 grades, as well as completing lessons in our own classrooms. 

Homework will be the same as it was in Term 1, consisting of 20 minutes of reading, as well as spelling practise each day. Students will also be asked to complete either a literacy, numeracy or integrated task. 

We will finish off the term with parent teacher interviews where we can reflect on the term that has been and the achievements and growth of our students. 

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Grade 5/6 2021

We have a busy term for Grade 5 and 6.  Both year levels will be attending camp: Grade 5 will be bike riding at Maldon on May 25th-28th and Grade 6 will be on a five day camp at Coonawarra from 31st May to the 4th June.

Our Grade 6 students will be commemorating ANZAC Day with a service at the school on Monday 26th April, a tour of Upwey RSL on the 29th of April and a visit to the Shrine and HMAS Castlemaine in Williamstown on the 7th of May.

Both year levels will be exploring the topic of Democracy, learning about different forms of government, women in politics and our indigenous leaders.  Students will participate in an incursion which will encourage them to delve deep into Australian government and democracy and become a parliament expert. The unit will culminate with a ‘Rule the School Day’ where a winning political party will develop the teaching agenda for the day.  How exciting!

Grade 5 students will complete NAPLAN assessments from 11th-13th May and will participate in Winter Interschool sports on the 2nd June.  All students will be keen to compete in our annual Cross Country race on the 5th May.

Students will continue to develop their Numeracy skills through lessons containing productive struggles to enable them to develop higher order thinking.  We have many mini projects to support student differentiation.  

In Literacy, our Grade 5/6 students will explore political biographies, narrative and persuasive writing and textual analysis.  They will be given choice in topic selection; Writer’s Notebooks will be useful tools.  Additionally, students will continue with our Independent Reading program where they will be immersed in a range of rich, captivating novels.  Grade 6 students will also participate in our eight week Advanced Presentation Skills Program, an invaluable public speaking course.  

Another highlight this term is the creation of a Fantastic Racer in Science.  Students will learn about circuits and build an aerodynamic car using balsa wood to race against their classmates.  Digital Technology will also be quite popular as we are learning about coding and we will be using the new Ozobots the school has recently purchased.

Student Voice is another important focus this term, where we will continue to explore the Zones of Regulation with our students, learning about the importance of goal setting, developing a growth mindset and acknowledging gratitude.

Our homework program will continue to consist of mini projects and the completion of unfinished classwork.

Our term concludes with Parent-Teacher conferences in the last week of school, it will be lovely to catch up and review our action filled term.  I’m sure students will have lots to discuss at the dinner table each evening!

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