Class Levels

Prep 2021

A warm welcome back to our Preps and Prep families for Term Three. We hope that you all had a wonderful break.

We have a busy Term ahead, with lots of new knowledge to instill into the Prep students, along with revising and challenging students learning in topics we have covered throughout Term two. This Term in literacy, we will be looking at narrative writing and what this looks like. We will explore characters, settings, problems and solutions as well as endings, and focus heavily on how the voice of characters can make or break the story! We will continue to refine our letter formation and will use SMART Spelling to revise sounds including digraphs and trigraphs.

In Maths, we will extend our knowledge of addition, subtraction, measurement, data collection and ordinal numbers. We will use a lot of hands on concrete materials as well as mathematical tools to assist our student’s problem solving skills.

Our Integrated focus will be on FairyTales and The Dreamtime, and we look forward to our FairyTale Fiasco incursion, where the children will have the opportunity to have a part of a play! We will be exploring how things move in our Science unit, looking into basic concepts of force, as well as the mechanics of bodies and machines.

We will begin a fortnightly class meeting for our students to have an opportunity to voice their thoughts about their learning and will introduce a fortnightly social and emotional block as well, to build upon our Term One learning about emotions, thoughts and feelings.

Have a great Term everyone!

Resources to help with Literacy and Mathematics skills at home….

Go Fish Card Game (Writer’s Word List Words)

‘I Have, Who Has’ (letter ID game)

Upper and lower case letter recognition match up


Ice cream number match up

























































































































































Grade 1/2 2021

On with the Show! & Multiculturalism 

Roll Up, Roll Up! For a highly entertaining Term 3! This term we will be exploring the creative world of entertainment and performance through puppetry, theatre, song and dance, as well as through circus acts.  This will culminate in our performance of our Whole School Production which will be done via recorded video this year. We will be exploring the design and creation of props, costumes and puppets for a group performance. Reader’s Theatre will be a prominent feature during Reading Groups, and students will participate in class performances of the play. In the second half of the term, we will be exploring our diverse culture and the ways we interact with different cultures. Students will be investigating ways in which they currently connect with various cultures and explore the ways in which others around the world live. Look out for information about the grade 2 sleepover at the end of term.
























Grade 1/2 2018 













Grade 3/4 2021


Welcome back for Term 3! We hope all of our Grade 3/4 families have had a great break and that the students are ready for what’s in store for Term 3. 

In Literacy this term, students will continue to participate in SMART Spelling, Writing and Reading each day. This term we will start to explore the ‘Voice’ trait from the ‘6+1 Traits of Writing’.

Each week in Maths lessons, students will focus on one area from the Number and Algebra curriculum and one area from either the Measurement and Geometry or Statistics and Probability curriculum. Students will continue to participate in the ‘Multiplication Ninjas’ program and some will start to use this program as a tool to learn related division facts. 

In our Integrated Studies and Science units this term, students will learn about the features of animals and their habitats. 

As well as performing in production this term and heading to Melbourne Zoo for an excursion, students are off to Phillip Island for camp where they will participate in a variety of activities which will help them to build resilience, work as a team and of course, have fun!


Grade 5/6 2021

Term 3 is all about Inventions in grade 5/6. Our term revolves around integrated learning, incorporating:

  • digital technologies
  • design and technologies
  • science
  • English
  • maths
  • social and personal capabilities
  • critical and creative thinking
  • sustainability
    which all culminate in students creating an invention to make the world a better place or improve an existing invention to make life easier. They will use student voice and agency to choose their design, manage their time, understand their next learning steps and organisational skills to complete their project across the term.

Students will continue  to develop excellent reading skills through the explicit teaching of class novels.  They will adapt the skills they learn to the texts they read independently. Writing will cover genres such as information reports, procedures and advertising. Maths will include various project based work this term, with students demonstrating their knowledge  and understanding of a multitude of maths skills.

They will participate in the bi-annual school production, as well as interschool sports early in the term. They will continue to develop their leadership skills through buddies and leadership initiatives on a Thursday afternoon.

Homework will continue to be the completion of unfinished work and small activities when required, enhancing their learning in the classroom.