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Prep 2021

Hello Prep families! We are so excited to be welcoming our new students into their Prep year for 2021.

We will begin the Term with our transition week, where we will provide the students with an overall view of what school, and their Prep year will look like. This will include introducing them to their buddies, their classroom, and allocating their class and teacher.

From week 2, we will kick off our Term One learning program. We will focus on the areas of Literacy, Maths, Science, Integrated, Japanese, Music, Physical Education and Art. We will also begin our assessments of Literacy and Numeracy which will run each Wednesday until the labour day weekend. Please note that Wednesdays are a student free day for the Preps unless they are booked for their assessment.

Within Literacy, we will look at concepts such as differentiating between a letter, a word and a sentence. We will begin exploring individual letters and sounds of the alphabet and discussing how these form the basis of reading and writing.

Within Maths, our Term one focus centres around numbers from 0-10, and the ways in which these can be represented.

Our Integrated focus this term is “All about me,” where we look at what it means to work in teams, social norms, expectations of school, and personal development such as the zones of regulation.

Our Science topic this term is “The 5 senses”, which we link in with our Integrated unit.

We look forward to a wonderful first term, and encourage you to engage weekly with our Prep Patter newsletter which will be found on School Stream. Please contact us if you have any queries.


To keep up to date with what is happening in the classroom each week, please have a read of the Prep Patter newsletters below.

Fortnightly Bulletin – Term 1

Prep Bulletin Weeks 7&8

Prep Bulletin – Weeks 5 & 6

Prep Patter Term 1 Week 2 2021



Resources to help with Literacy and Mathematics skills at home….

Go Fish Card Game (Writer’s Word List Words)

‘I Have, Who Has’ (letter ID game)

Upper and lower case letter recognition match up


Ice cream number match up

























































































































































Grade 1/2 2021

Welcome to grade 1 and 2. We welcome Neshadi Weeratunga (1W) to Tecoma and the 1/2 team. Excited to be returning to our team are Phil Darbyshire (1D) and Paulina VanElmpt (1V), completing our grade 1 teaching team. In Grade 2 our teachers are Deb Langford (2L), Chelsey Robins (2R) and Trevor Wilson (2W). Mrs Venten is still with us this term in a support capacity before she begins her Maternity leave in term 2. We look forward to celebrating with Mrs Venten at the end of term. 

Our literacy program will immerse students to develop their understanding of and enjoyment of reading and sharing stories in our Reader’s Workshop. Using the 6+1 traits, we will focus on ‘ideas’ within picture story books, and continue this theme into our Writer’s Workshop. Students will expand their spelling skills through the SMART Spelling program and build on their automatic recall of the most used spelling words. 

Students are encouraged to read each night at home and fill in their Take Home Reading Diaries, which will be collected and checked by their teacher weekly. 

Our Mathematics program in term one will focus on consolidating students counting skills and understanding place value. We will investigate clocks and measurement of length, mass and capacity as well as exploring Chance. Much of our maths program uses manipulatives to ensure students can connect concepts with hands-on experiences.

Integrated We are looking forward to all the fun of our Integrated Topic for term 1, “Where In The World Am I?”, embracing our whole school focus of IDENTITY. The Year 1&2 students will be learning about how they are connected to their local community, city, state, country and the world. They will study the unique features of where they live and look at the different cultures and how they have impacted our way of life. Mid-term we will visit Healesville Sanctuary to assist students with becoming familiar with the fauna and flora local to our beautiful Yarra Ranges. Parent assistance will be required for this excursion so please watch out for notices via School Stream. 

Science this term will look at Chemical Sciences in our topic “All Mixed Up”.  Through hands-on investigations, students will explore how changing the quantities of materials in a mixture can alter its properties and uses.

Homework will begin in week 3 (8th-12th Feb). Due to the success with the Seesaw program in 2020, we will be trialling Seesaw homework instructions and students will receive an exercise book to complete their homework in, which will need to be handed in each Friday. If you do not have access to a device or have trouble accessing Seesaw, please contact your classroom teacher and a paper copy will be provided.

Please also look out for our fortnightly parent communication via School Stream.

Fortnightly Bulletin – Term 1

1 2 Bulletin Weeks 7&8

1/2 Bulletin – Weeks 5 & 6
























Grade 1/2 2018 













Grade 3/4 2021

Welcome to 3/4 in 2021! The 3/4 team are excited to start another year full of learning, growth and enjoyment for all students. 

Across the school week, students will participate and engage in a variety of Literacy based sessions including Reader’s Workshop, Writer’s Notebook, SMART Spelling and grammar. In Writing lessons in Term 1 we will focus on recount, persuasive and narrative writing. 

In Numeracy lessons, students will learn about a variety of concepts including Times Tables, Fractions and Decimals, Area and Perimeter and many more.

Our Integrated Studies topic for Term 1 is ‘Democracy and Me’. In this unit, students will be learning about the three tiers of Government in Australia and what each of these tiers does for the people of Australia. We will also learn about voting and decision making in a democratic society. In Science lessons, we will explore the special relationship between plants and animals. Through investigations, students will discover the life cycles of some species, as well as the mutually beneficial relationships certain species have with one another. 

This term students will have the opportunity to participate in an incursion about the voting system in Australia and attend Athletics Day. This is the first time the Grade 3’s will have the opportunity to take part in this fun day. 

We will be sending you a fortnightly newsletter, via School Stream, with important dates and information, so please keep an eye out for it.

Fortnightly Bulletin – Term 1

3 4 Bulletin Weeks 7&8

3/4 Bulletin – Weeks 5 & 6


Grade 5/6 2021

A warm welcome to 2021 to our Year 5 and 6 families!

For Literacy this term we will continue to run Readers Workshops and students will continue to utilise their Writers Notebooks to inspire their writing. Students will delve into class novels regularly throughout the term, as well as participating in the SMART spelling program, grammar lessons and regular independent reading.

Through Maths this term, students will focus on number, specifically place-value, geometry and statistics, in real world contexts.

Our Integrated Unit this term will have students investigate Australia’s history from the time of settlement. They will compare and contrast the perspectives of Indigenous Australians and settlers throughout their exploration of significant people and events throughout this time.

Our Biological Science focus will run alongside our integrated unit. Students will learn about how the features of Australian native plants and animals allow them to survive in the Australian environment and the features of introduced plants and animals that have impacted our Australian ecosystem. 

Please also look out for our fortnightly parent communication via School Stream.

Fortnightly Bulletin – Term 1

5 6 Bulletin Weeks 7 & 8

5/6 Bulletin – Weeks 5 & 6