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We love science at Tecoma Primary School and timetable weekly science lessons for all students. The school was one of 35 in the state to have been selected as a Primary Science Specialist School in 2014 and receive funding to run a specialist science program for all students for 2 years.

This has enabled TPS to create a dedicated Science classroom, quality Australian Curriculum based resources and professional learning for all staff, thus ensuring the continuing focus on this major curriculum area for years to come. Students make use of our Enviro-Centre (Vege Garden) and have loved wearing their lab-coats and learning all about the 4 curriculum areas of Earth Sciences, Biological Science, Chemical Science and Physical Science. Their excitement and curiosity has been infectious for staff and parents.

Because of this programme, we have formed links and shared resources with Upwey High School Science Dept., John Monash Science School and the BASF Kids Lab at Monash University.

Furthermore, our Year 6 Leadership Programme includes Science Captains who take weekly supervised classes to Year 1-2 students. Most terms we have weekly screenings, at lunchtime for interested students, of Science and/or Engineering DVDs such as Mythbusters or David Attenborough documentaries.

Even before this funding, we have run a Science Fair during Science Week since 2009. The time and effort our students put into their science investigations is amazing. Families walk excitedly from one amazing display to the next and the looks on their faces alone make the whole experience worthwhile.

Honour Roll for our “Scientists of the Year”


Year 6
Rori Van Huizen
Poppy Faul
Ben Cox
Brendan Jahn
Connor Hanigan
Angus Weller.

Year 5
Meike Creighton
Mia Marmberg
Faye Spijkers-Fowler
Zac Mohan
Josh Brown
Rhys Jenkins


Year  6
Olivia Lowes
Rachael Underwood
Jack Huglin
Josh Balmer

Year 5
Meika Carey
Amber Mohan
Tom Holland
Tom Anson


Year 6
Abby Juras
Aaron McLean

Year 5
Olivia Powell
Michael Chicotelli


Jack Wilson
Kayla Gray
Jordan Messner
Georgina Smith
Danny Eldon
Abby Juras
Tom Danyi
Bree Warren.

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