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Prep 2018

Welcome to Prep in 2018! We are super excited to start teaching this year’s students and have so many fun and educational experiences planned for them.

In Term 1, we will focus on developing each child’s social skills and awareness and helping them adapt to their new classroom environment. In Literacy lessons, we will begin with a focus on individual letters and sounds and build on this throughout the term. In Mathematics lessons, students will learn about the numbers 1 – 10 as well as learning about 2D shapes, time and measurement.

If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to come and see us.

Lauren K, Hayley, Lauren C and Felicity.

Prep Patter 

Prep Patter Term 1 Week 2

Prep Patter Term 1 Week 3

Prep Patter Term 1 Week 4

Prep Patter Term 1 Week 5

Prep Patter Term 1 Week 6

Prep Patter Term 1 Week 7

Prep Patter Term 1 Week 8

Resources to help with Literacy and Mathematics skills at home….

Go Fish Card Game (Writer’s Word List Words)

‘I Have, Who Has’ (letter ID game)

Upper and lower case letter recognition match up


Ice cream number match up




































































































Grade 1/2 2018

Our Grade 1 and 2 Integrated learning focus this term is Relationships, with our topic being “Healthy Body, Health Mind.” This unit of study will allow each student to investigate the factors that help to contribute to what makes them a healthy and happy person. We will compare healthy and unhealthy foods and explore the differences. A lot of our food is pre-packaged, so we will also investigate where whole foods originate from. The media may influence what we buy, so we will discover how advertisements try to make us buy their foods, even though they may not be healthy foods. As the food we eat affects our body, we look at how it is related to how we feel and how well we can function in our everyday activities, and how this in turn, affects our happiness. To complete our unit, the students will create either a ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’ plate of food to demonstrate their understanding. It’s such a great unit, full of rich learning!




Grade 3/4 2018

This term our Grade 3 and 4 students will be exploring the relationship between Britain and Australia by studying the ‘First Fleet’. Students will assume the identity of a real convict, create their very own journal, then the history of European settlement as well as its impact on the Indigenous peoples.

During Writing, we will be focusing on two areas. Firstly, will be Narrative text, working on the structure and development of character and plot. We will identify ways to enhance our use of vocabulary and other language features. The other focus will be distinguishing between fact and opinion when engaged in “Persuasive Text”.

In Maths, we shall be revising and exploring several concepts including establishing a sound knowledge of place value and data representation through various forms of graphing. We will also explore chance and measurement as well as learning to read and tell the time accurately. The 4 mathematical operations are developed as well as quick responses to simple number facts and times tables.

In our ‘What’s the Matter’ Science unit, students will learn about the changes of state between solids, liquids and gases; completing mini investigations to test predictions.


Grade 5/6 2018

This year we are beginning with a brand new topic for our 5/6 students. Covering Economics and Business, we are looking at consumerism, needs v wants and building a business. We will be finishing the term with a 5/6 Market Day, as our students explore budgets, business plans, profit and loss, resourcing materials and creating a service, product or game for the rest of the school to participate in or purchase.  It will be a fun, informative and hands-on unit of work that we are all looking forward to.