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Our Integrated Unit for Term 3 is Transport! This unit encompasses different types of transport, as well as where we live, how we get to different places, mapping, timelines, how things move, etc.

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Resources to help with Literacy and Mathematics skills at home….

Go Fish Card Game (Writer’s Word List Words)

‘I Have, Who Has’ (letter ID game)

Upper and lower case letter recognition match up


Ice cream number match up


















































































This Term the Grade One and Two students are focusing on Creativity, in the lead up to our Whole School Production in mid September.
Through exploring puppetry, poetry, theatre, the circus and song and dance, students will develop a greater understanding of how we can communicate in creative ways to express ideas, share stories and strengthen our interactions with others.































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By delving into the topic of Communication – Stories of the Dreaming, the year Three and Four students will be learning more about the importance of Country and Place to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people who belong to a local area.  They will also look at the role that people of diverse backgrounds have played in the development and character of the local community.

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This term the Year Five & Six students will become inventors. Students will research their preferred learning styles and use effective strategies to promote their knowledge.  They will be exploring inventions, inventors and how inventions have been adapted over the years in line with society’s changing needs. As part of this unit students will plan, design and cost an invention, as well as create and film a sales pitch. To strengthen home/school partnerships students will build a prototype at home.

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